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  • flex material for inkjet digital printing systems with solvent, ecosolvent or HP Latex based inks
  • for transferring onto nylon, light silicon treated garments (K-ways, sport bags, umbrellas, training jackets, etc.) and leather
  • product containing phthalates. Not suitable for the production of toys or any other article specifically addressed to childcare.
  • not suitable for sublimating textiles (see blockout-films)

✔  REACH compliant 

Processing instructions:

Print and cut Colorprint Extra. Let the print dry at least 12 hours before it is further processed (e.g. transferred, rolled or stacked). After weeding, remove the print with the help of an application tape (TTD Easy) from the polyester backing. Warm up the fabric for a few seconds before applying with a heat press. Remove the polyester backing warm.

Pressing recommendation:

Temperature 165°C  
Time 15 seconds
Pressure medium (3–4 bar)
Backing remove warm
Washability max. 40°C

Additional product information

  • VM_ProductType_Foils


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