LTS 518 N

LTS 518 N

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The LTS 518 N is a pneumatic heat press for very large formats. It is characterized by its high performance and its user-friendliness.

The press has two drawers in the size of 160 x 80 cm, which allow one textile to be prepared comfortably while the other is printed. This large-format pneumatic press is ideally suited for transfer printing as well as for thermal fixturing and sublimation on large textiles.

Technical data
transfer area 160 x 80 cm
digital-timer 0 - 60 seconds
temperature 0 - 250 °C
watt 6300 W
voltage 380 V - 50/60 Hz
weight 1300 kg
pressure 0 - 650 g/cm² • 2,5 - 10 bar

Additional product information

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