LTS 1575M

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Lotus LTS 1575 M
  • XXL press for high pressure
  • transfer area: 150 x 75 cm
  • also available as LTS 1675 M (160 x 75 cm), LTS 1600 M (160 x 100 cm), LTS 1800 M (180 x 100 cm)
  • constant pressure over the entire surface right into the corners
  • high-quality ceramic heating elements

The Lotus M press series is unique and innovative. It has been specially developed for sublimation printing and applications that require high pressure.

Thanks to the patented membrane technology, it offers a constant pressure over the entire surface right into the corners. The rubber membrane filled with compressed air provides an absolutely even pressure over the entire pressure range; even when materials of different thickness are pressed simultaneously.

In contrast to conventional pneumatic presses, the pressure of this press can be regulated in minimum steps of 0.1 bar from 0.1 to 4.5 bar (4.5 bar corresponds to 8 bar on a conventional pneumatic press).

The alphanumeric touch-screen display offers the possibility to enter the transfer time and pressure either in kg/cm2 or bar. The transfer temperature is displayed separately.

The particularly high-quality ceramic heating elements are embedded in the heating plate. They provide an even temperature over the entire heating surface and can be replaced individually. As this press has 2 drawers, one pressure can be prepared while another is already being pressed.

The LTS 1575 M has a printing area of 150 x 75 cm. However, other printing surface variants and individual customised formats are also available.

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