LTS 750 PA

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Lotus LTS 750 PA
  • ideal for sports goods manufacturers, team outfitters and workwear manufacturers
  • transfer area: 40 x 50 cm
  • swivelling heating plate for clear view and easy positioning of the transfers
  • faster work thanks to the two printing plates
  • Fast, even and stable heating system
  • Automatic swivelling heating plate
  • optional interchangeable printing plate for breast-pockets, pants, umbrellas, shoes, caps, balls and more
  • Opens automatically
  • High contact pressure (2.5-8 bar), precisely adjustable
  • Freestanding print plate for comfortable workings
  • Solid and stable construction
  • Clear digital and time display

The LTS 750 PA and LTS 760 PA are perfect heat transfer presses for manufacturers of sporting goods, team suppliers, and workwear garment manufacturers. Its double printing plate allows you to work fast: while one textile is being printed you can already prepare the next one on the other plate.

Both models provide a swivel heating plate and two printing plates and have been specially developed for digital printing and sublimation techniques. These models offer crucial advantages over hand-operated presses.

Their most noteworthy characteristics include extremely high contact pressure (2.5 – 8 bar) and – because it is an automatic press – ease of use. The transfer process is conveniently initiated by pushing two control buttons. After completion, the heating plate lifts automatically.

Thanks to its modular design, only one press is required to print shirts, jackets, bags, lanyard keychains, and even caps: a variety of printing plates can be quickly and conveniently interchanged.

With swivel presses, the heating plate can be swiveled to one side, so that the printing plate is no longer covered by it. This simplifies your work process in two respects: first, mounting the textile is even more convenient, and secondly, you have a clear view of the entire textile, allowing easy positioning of the transfer. Only the fabric segment to be printed rests on the freestanding printing plate. Prints previously applied to the textile remain unaffected, and creases impairing the printing result (usually caused by two layers) are easily avoided.

The clearly arranged digital display allows you to conveniently set and control transfer time and operating temperature. High-quality heating technology provides quick warmup. Even and constant operating temperature is guaranteed as well as extended durability of the heating elements.

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Product Note Status Price
Cap set LTS 750-760 (PA) Cap set LTS 750-760 (PA)
600.00 € *
Printing plate 15 x 15 cm Printing plate 15 x 15 cm
120.00 € *
Printing plate 15 x 38 cm Printing plate 15 x 38 cm
180.00 € *
Printing plate 25 x 38 cm Printing plate 25 x 38 cm
215.00 € *
Printing plate for umbrellas Printing plate for umbrellas
330.00 € *
Nomex cover Nomex cover
(Size: 50 x 40 cm)
36.00 € *
Silicon rubber mat Silicon rubber mat
(Auspraegung1: 50 x 40 cm)
126.00 € *
Teflon cover Teflon cover
(Teflon cover: 40 x 50 cm)
41.40 € *

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