Blockout films

Our blockout films help to prevent the discoloration of e.g. white transfers on colored jerseys or softshell jackets. These Lotus films also comply with the Oeko-Tex® standard 100. An alternative for heat-sensitive fabrics is the transfer film Hi-5, since it can be processed even at a comparatively low 120 °C.

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Turbo Blockout

Flex film with sublimation barrier · Transfer in 5 seconds at only 130°C!
From 5,61 €/m

6.38 / m *
In Stock! Delivery: 1-3 Days

PS Subli LT

Flex film with sublimation barrier. Transfer temperature only 130 °C.From 5,61€/m.

6.38 / m *
In Stock! Delivery: 1-3 Days


Opaque flex film with barrier layer for easy sublimating textiles.
From 5,61 €/rm

6.38 / m *

Sublithin Matt

Printable PU film with blockout layer
(also suitable for Latex inks)

6.38 / m *
In Stock! Delivery: 1-3 Days

Turbo Print Blockout (fka. Digi-Blockout)

Turbo Print Blockout (fka. Digi-Blockout) is a printable PU film with blockout layer. From 5,87€/m.

6.63 / m *
In Stock! Delivery: 1-3 Days

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