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Benefits of Lotus presses

Solely manufactured in Milan, Italy since 1972, Lotus has been a leading European company offering print & cut solutions. Our Mikanit heating technology uses individual heating rods which can be exchanged by customers in-situ. Lotus heat presses are available in manual, semi-automatic, or pneumatic versions with a wide range of printing plate sizes, customized ones can be easily made on-demand.

As any components can be easily changed by customers or our technicians, a Lotus press won´t let you down. Standard printing plate formats are always available in Berlin, bigger sizes will be shipped from our Milan manufactory.


Quality features of our presses  

Lotus offers quality features you should not miss:

Nearly 50 years of experience

Since 1972, Lotus in Milan has been producing transfer presses for textile printing by hand.


Lotus gives you an extended quality guarantee at no extra cost: it amounts to 2 years for Lotus presses and 10 years for Lotus heating elements (if purchased after October 2020).

Hand-Made in Italy! EU guarantee of origin

With this guarantee, we assure you that our presses are made exclusively in Milan, Italy by trained professionals, with careful handwork. In doing so, we not only contribute to the preservation of European jobs, but we also promote the tradition and further development of Europe as a technology and business location with exemplary social standards.


In our specialized manufactory heat presses and fixing presses are produced from the smallest to large format. Here, all mechanical components are manufactured with the highest precision. By using only the highest quality components, we ensure gently sliding joint and pivot mechanisms that minimize wear and tear. This is how we ensure a long service life of your press.


A likewise high-quality electronics ensures a smooth and very exact operation of our heat presses. Thanks to our state-of-the-art touch-screen displays (available as an option), you can individually define and store numerous transfer parameters - in German, English, Italian, Spanish and French. Especially in the industrial manufacturing sector, you can ensure in this way that all operators work with the right parameters.


We ensure that all aspects of contemporary ergonomic working are taken into account and clear, low-effort, fast, fatigue-proof, and safe working is made possible. We ensure this by smooth-running pivoting mechanisms, balanced lever loads, replacement of all pressure plates by means of simple hand turning screws (no tools required), quick-release devices (as known from race-bicycles) for replacing the heating plates, clear displays for example.

Heating plates

Micanite surface heating elements are used wherever it is necessary to heat a surface quickly, effectively and evenly. The core of these surface heating elements is the micanite technology, called "Mika-Tech" for short. Micanite is a high-quality mica paper, which is impregnated with a heat-resistant binder and then pressed in several layers under heat and high pressure to plates. For the most part, the micanite heating tracks are produced using the etching process. This brings features such as short heat-up times and long service life. Due to the narrow installation of the absolutely flat heating conductors a uniform, comprehensive and optimal temperature distribution is guaranteed. 
The encapsulation of aluminized steel micanite heaters also provides the heaters with high mechanical strength and high density. The optimum adaptation between heating element and workpiece additionally ensures a very long service life. For the above reasons, Lotus is convinced of the use of "Mika-Tech". Efficiency and precision of the heating plate are, in addition to high contact pressure, ultimately the guarantors for the successful transfer of your motifs (see graphic: micanite heating elements versus heating coil). If a heating track should fail with a lotus press, you can easily replace it with a new one in just a few simple steps (costs approx. 25 - 30 euros for each heating element). 
This technology is used with all presses that have a heating plate size of more than 25 x 12cm.
All Lotus Standard heating plates are fitted with an easily replaceable Teflon protective cover. Any soiling can be easily removed with a cotton cloth before they burn in and pollute your textiles.

Membrane Technology

Lotus presses with patented and innovative membrane technology are suitable for particularly demanding large-format applications. A rubber membrane that can be filled with compressed air ensures a uniform pressure build-up and a particularly exact-even pressure distribution, even with media of different height. In contrast to conventional pneumatic presses, the membrane presses can control the pressure in minimal steps of 0.1 bar from 0.1 to 4.5 bar (4.5 bar corresponds to 8 bar on a conventional pneumatic press). We are happy to build your press according to individual format wishes as a customer-oriented manufactory.

Printing plates

All Lotus printing plates are made of solid aluminum to ensure a permanently flat printing surface. Because this is one of the prerequisites for an optimal print result. Thanks to a quick-change device, with Lotus you can use all printing plate formats and sizes without tools, quickly and easily. Please ask us for customized sizes and formats. In the Lotus presses, all printing plates are freestanding. This makes it easy to put on textiles and protect the respective back. In addition, you prevent double layers.

All Lotus printing plates are provided with a 1 cm thick durable dimensionally stable high-quality silicone rubber pad. This gives you even surfaces for safe transfer. An additional Nomex protective cover protects the printing plates from contamination and is therefore washable.

Heating and pressure plate assembly

Our graphic below illustrates the solid and well-thought-out heating and pressure plate design of the Lotus presses. The modular design allows easy replacement of the individual parts.


Pneumatic Power Press 

The particularly powerful pneumatic power presses from Lotus can be recognized by our bull signet. It distinguishes devices with:

  • Very high pressure with 8 bar,
  • pre-press or post-press at the push of a button,
  • Robust, solid and low-maintenance construction,
  • High productivity through fast & efficient operation,
  • longevity.

These devices are also available with a touch display since 2019.


Quick-Delivery-Service · Spare parts

This Lotus service ensures that the spare or wear parts you need are shipped as quickly as possible so you can quickly resume production. It applies, for example, to control boards, heating elements, temperature sensors, which we always have ready for you in our warehouses in Milan and Berlin.

Simple repairs

Thanks to the modular press design you can mostly replace wear parts yourself. For this purpose, we are happy to provide you with appropriate demo videos. Should further repair be necessary, we will do it in our Milan factory or our Berlin distribution center.

CE declaration of conformity

The CE mark has been introduced to ensure compliance with certain safety and health standards in the European single market. Lotus vouches for the safety of his presses. Feel free to contact us if you require very special security devices. We will gladly work out an individual solution for you.






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