LTS 14

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Lotus LTS 14
  • easy mounting, tightening and printing of caps and hats
  • transfer area: 14,5 x 9 cm
  • fast, even and stable heating system
  • precise contact pressure continuously and easily adjustable
  • pressure shoe with printing plate can be moved forward and back
  • spring mechanism for easy opening of the heating plate
  • clear digital display
  • acoustic and optical signal to indicate unlocking

The hand operated LTS 14 is a purpose-built cap press that is extremely convenient and easy to operate. The caps can be easily mounted, clamped, and printed.

During the transfer process, the smooth-running pressure arm automatically locks into place, so you don’t have to hold it down continuously. The pressure can be continually adjusted by hand. To release the pressure arm, simply lift it approximately 2 cm. The built-in spring mechanism will then hoist the heating plate automatically. No strength is required to raise it.

The clearly arranged digital display allows you to conveniently set and control transfer time and operating temperature. High-quality heating technology provides quick warmup. Even and constant operating temperature is guaranteed as well as extended durability of the heating elements.

The digital temperature control includes both audio and clear visual signals to indicate release time – making your work even easier.

The LTS 14 allows adjustment of the support plate carriage by moving it back and forth. This makes it possible to compensate for different forehead heights of caps and ensure perfect positioning of the upper heating plate onto the bottom support plate.

With the LTS 14 you have the perfect press for transfers on caps and beanies!

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Silicon rubber mat Silicon rubber mat
(Auspraegung1: 9 x 11 cm)
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Silicon rubber mat Silicon rubber mat
(Auspraegung1: 14 x 11 cm)
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Teflon cover Teflon cover
(Teflon cover: 13 x 9 cm)
18.00 € *

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